Tipping the Scales

Tipping the Scales is a Community Justice Partnership (CJP) and justice reinvestment program. We work alongside partner organisations to provide clients with timely legal advice and to engage them with appropriate supports. The partnership’s lawyer and community development worker provide a point of contact for vulnerable clients seeking legal advice and/or representation at Maryborough courts.

Our work focuses on family violence and child protection matters but recognizes that criminal law and family law are often inextricably linked to these issues.

Tipping the Scales takes a multi-faceted approach to identifying and addressing the injustices faced by women, children, young people and families in Maryborough.

We view our work through a human rights lens, which informs our work and its direction. As a CJP, Tipping the Scales’ philosophy aligns with Health-Justice Partnerships and Therapeutic Justice Partnerships. These growing movements believe that clients with interrelated health, social and legal issues are better served when their legal, health and other professionals work together.

By working with organisations that already have a presence within the Maryborough community, we deliver effective and targeted legal advice and advocacy. We work alongside Go Goldfields and its community partners (Victoria Police, the Centre for Non-Violence, Maryborough Rotary, local health services) to mobilise collective expertise and extend our reach into that community.

If you belong to a community service in the Maryborough region, Tipping the Scales may be able to work with you to help your clients or patients. Please feel to contact us on (03) 5445 0909 to start the conversation.

Similarly, if you belong to a Maryborough Community service and you believe your community members would benefit from rights-based legal education (e.g. around family violence or child protection), please feel free to contact us to discuss how we might work together.

The program is funded by the Victorian Legal Services Board with a staff contribution from the Centre for Non-Violence.


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